His Childhood and Dreams…

Being born to middle-class family he had normal childhood and upbringing which is more typical to most (sub)urban Eastern cultures. Then when he was aged 4, he was brought to his nation’s largest metropolis – Delhi(NCR). During adolescence and as young adult he developed love for Delhi, that he perceived to be lucky for him. Also, he has intoxication that he did all his education from high school to college to university in Delhi. It was lucky in sense he learnt several academic things that he called advance sciences during his adolescence and early adulthood. During early schooling he had no special dreams. But, there was a period when he had regular quarrels with his peers and he always considered to be on righteous side.

Provoked by elders including his father he was sexually attracted towards his cousin when he was in the 10th grade and headed to his native place during summer vacations. Even at that time he considered scientist to be great. He also locked her within room of their house and kept her on his lap, slept with her, during while he was sexually aroused. She was very lean girl and such figure attracted him. Her father was also one among those kindling the relationship. Then, it somewhat disturbed his academic performance; so he left that matter and concentrated on studies. Then in 12th grade he passed with flying colors. Again, he tripped to his native place, and the story was again kindled. But, he wasn’t much involved this time because he was giving competitive exams.

After 12th grade c. 17 y.o., he dropped an year for preparation of medical entrance at a bullshit institute called SAHIL. They had hired faculty that did injustice especially to him because he had undiagnosed Learning Disorders. Their head Satish Suri too passed such comments that cognated as if students pay Rs. 300,000, they would assure their selection in exams. So, he got more and more dejected and even didn’t appear for many entrances including AIIMS, etc. Afterwards in college he realized academics was beyond IIT-JEEs, etc when he got access to library books in college. He got another friend in college who was better book reader than him. He had better exchanges with him regarding books and academics. He had already become well known among a bunch of girls of his college, one among them was pretty, petite of Punjabi origin with whom he corresponded regarding academics and exams.

After that year he joined college in science stream. Though he had choice of taking Chemistry Hons., as he was good at organic and physical chemistry, he didn’t choose because of fear of labs that they would rotten him in lab. He was also equally good at math, so he took-up his natural choice Mathematics Hons. Initially pure math concepts were difficult, but with more experience he became more skillful. In final year he felt himself to be equal to his tutor, a college Prof.PK Malhotra. At the same time following suggestion of his senior he joined Alpha Plus, a math coaching for Hons and masters situated in Satya Niketan, which has now been rechristened as Institute of Maths and Economics, led by Mr. PN(Pradip Narain). His hullabaloos were more pronounced than his real teaching skills. That bastard left him in the middle of ocean. Daily he enacted dramas displaying stunts of dismissing students if they got lower marks in his bullshit exams, so he went back to Malhotra. In final year at around 21 yo, he became increasingly confident, more energetic and  felt himself to be equal to America; if he could nurture entire world why not he could start a family by marrying that cousin. He developed several types of passions towards her. Thence, his life’s 2 main missions were to set up labs, become research worker and to marry her. He wished doing PhD from Delhi University and settling in America. He thought America was best place to live while Europe was best place to work. Anyhow, he was never to show face to PN and sailed smoothly through final year exams despite difficulty of exams being framed as perceived by his peers.

Now, with new gained confidence, he made yet another trip to his native place, where he witnessed soaring of temperature of sexual passion on meeting her again. She had great height. She was in academic turmoil(studying in 10th grade) but he was in great passion. He remembers, she was in turmoil with her school/ coaching and was reluctant to go. But, he said he will accompany her. She was still angry(not at him) but he was passionate. She was having periods, so was isolated in room. But, he took it as chance to meet her and talk to her in isolation. He even beat her on back passionately that she reacted to by beating him back taking seriously. He even asked her father her hand. But, her father questioned him back as though he got some lordship, lately that was he an earning hand, to which he replied he is studying and have good career ahead. He further, questioned prospects after his masters degree. But, his wife replied he will go for PhD. He was rude but she was better. He was really showing attitude despite having any as if he was handing over his asset to me.

So, uptil now his enemies are PN and Satish Suri.