The battle has begun -Men and material crossing us will be have neck chopped off…

He started the battle against defaulters and wrongdoers:

  1. Aggressively dealt with company selling high rise office chair for noticing defects and their irresponsible T&C. Service personnel ran to him and settled the issues within a day.
  2. Long pending Janome Automatic Sewing machine defect complaint that Usha had been procrastinating neglecting have been settled in same day, by speaking derogatorily to Customer Care.
  3. Dispute with Airtel data plan that the promised amount of data wasn’t granted was solved in couple of days by telling the company not to give wrong ads regarding offers.
  4. Reliance Jio Sim that promised some Gb 4G data troubled him so much that he couldn’t play single YouTube song or download single YouTube movie. So, at the night he resolved to punish it next day by sucking out data and overdid by downloading by two different softwares. He was cheered by such success even against machines.
  5. He also reported fault of USPS for not promptly updating tracking status to the seller/ sender in the US. But, he hasn’t received any response. He plans to take action by talking to USPS customer care online.

His war of self-discipline:

  1. He has already achieved strict sleeping schedule albeit with minor disturbances and plans to increase energy, vigilance during day by eugeroics and curb minor disturbances in symptoms affecting consistency in work through augmentation strategies by mild agents and subtle alterations in medication regimen. He aims to work continuously and tirelessly.
  2. He wants good aerobic exercise schedule to be implemented as part of his health program.
  3. He is great idealist, but this hinders his normal performance and achievement of targets. So, he wants to spend energies on realizing those ideals instead of pondering upon, narrating and explaining those ideals that sets him apart from rest.
  4. He has already started learning and preparing advance topics in mathematics. But, he has to correct his improper approach in working with those things.
  5. He has collected appropriate papers in theoretical neuroscience but he is yet to allot time due to lack of regimented discipline and inefficiencies by fine tuning his health program.

His other wars in pipeline:

  1. He plans to confront with neuroscience institute, NBRC regarding lapse or neglect on their part for his application for Project Assistant, that he appeared once back in 2013. Those interviewers, so called scientists dealt with him as though they’re super-intelligent and he were a nascent, naïve child to go through their @#$%ing bullshit Lab pages of website to make him consider to go for PhD. But, the bullshit institute didn’t have research group of his interest and why to @#$% off 4-6 years on something not worth to him. He wrote about lazy webmasters who had mentioned prerequisites for MSc neuroscience to two professors there that they are contrary to what registrar office has given clarification that non life science majors aren’t permissible for MSc neuroscience. But, time now is different with reading volumes of information from research papers to neuroscience/ psychiatry texts by reputed international experts, solving his own mental health issues in highly scientific manner and learning about latest research methods in psychiatry/ behavioral neuroscience and starting behavioral neuroscience blog, he has enough of knowledge and courage to make the bullshit professors face his wrath by highly insulting, criticizing them to the point that gone are the days that he used to run after psychiatrists and scientists. Instead they have to run after him.
  2. His next target is IIT-Math faculty, that he wants to cripple by hitting few targets. He will challenge them in all fronts and aspects and insult criticize and harass them to break all bones of ego, for all wrongdoings and abuse of power of position.
  3. Also, the psychiatrists who have misdiagnosed and wrongly medicated him for years and portrayed themselves as great expert authorities will face the same consequences as teachers.
  4. He cant tolerate insult connected to spiritual knowledge. He will thwart anyone and make them kneel and subject to wrath and wont care if it affects even youngsters with great aspirations. So, his targets in this aspect are his relatives – uncles and cousins. But, he is confident that end is good instead of great sorrow as final result.

His Current Devised Strategy, Efforts to Prompt Actions, Maintaining Discipline, Consistency and being Systematic

He knows that success is mix of strong tenacity of purpose/ mission, vision, strategy, tact/ prompt decisions, prompt actions, perpetual efforts, maintaining discipline, schedule, consistency and systematicness. Now, he has mission, vision, even makes prompt prudent decisions, but the part that he lags is prompt actions, perpetual efforts, time and work management, maintaining discipline, schedule, consistency and being systematic. He wants to achieve career goal that he has expressed – becoming businessman or monarch. To be administrator or governor of organization or state one should achieve success in administrating and governing himself.

He wants to prove to psychiatrist and the world by becoming and achieving status of both entrepreneur and monarch. He has achieved first step of success after fighting hard and continuously by efforts and simple tact. He has regularized circadian rhythms and achieved sleeping schedule of starting at 23.00h at the most to 4.30h at the most. He has to work beyond this in managing time and work efficiently and optimally. This would lead his work culture and lifestyle to be organized. He has tendency to relapse into irregularity but he has to effort continuously to maintain discipline, schedule, consistency and being systematic and efficient work and time management. He has found a means to achieve this by reminding purpose, motivation, what and how of maintaining discipline, being systematic, efficient time and work management time and  time again by displaying them as desktop background.

As for his academic or scientific project is concerned, motivation is twofold – it has both spiritual and material implications. Spiritual implication is fulfilling godly mission by giving secular perspective to Spiritual Knowledge. Material implication is to enable him to learn volumes of information – Spiritual as well as material Knowledge in short time by finding or developing technology of transferring data in digital form from computer into brain as neural data. This would in turn enable him in fulfilling his godly mission more efficiently.

As for business he is educated, tech savvy, has got insights, prudence about arming himself with knowledge drawn from financial engineering, management, digital marketing, business laws, business communication, etc. Further as, doing job is not viable for him as per job market trends, he has no other career option.

Certainly, world is not going to accept his ideas, wont be convinced of his reasons about his potentials to be researcher, entrepreneur and monarch, until he practically becomes. There is no need of proof for something evident. For achieving these goals, he has to effort continuously, consistently, persistently at human pace until availability of technology to transfer data from computer to brain enabling him to quickly achieve his goal and not waiting for same. He has to work simultaneously on all the 3 aspects/ areas.

He has prioritize his list of things to do, channelize his energy, instead of scattering it randomly. More than this is to lead a regimented life, with reasonable allocation of time for each activity in professional social, personal spheres of life. He will learn to optimize these in due course of time with practical experience gained by planning, adjusting and succeeding in each stage.