His Future Directions and Actions

On having official diagnosis of ADHD he is into Ritalin SR. But, he hasn’t yet achieved total remission. He wishes to settle with Concerta in future that he considers better drug approved for Adult ADHD. This will help better with healing of his brain.

Further, despite having strong interest in sciences, he wont be taking conventional route to achieve it, but as at present his priority is money, thus he will propel through business route to catch his scientific career. He doesn’t believe in working in a lab but aims for owning a lab. By commercialization, he can combine money and knowledge to fulfill his interest in sciences. Despite this he can continue studying advanced math and sciences. He will be publishing Problems thought or proved by or topics that interest Phoenix Russ. Beside this he has project to prepare math, chem and neuroscience lectures in WYSIWYG LaTeX.

Of all sciences, as he is utilitarian, he would work in the field that will be directly of his use, fulfilling his personal needs, instead of some field that caters need of some other population – the fields encompassing connections between spirit, brain and  machine. He is often intrigued by similarity in meaning of occult (spirit science) that is called tantric and neuroscience that is called tantrika  in Hindi. Definitely, he expects some connection. He also came across a psychiatric paper where genuinely possessed British person(of Indian origin) was relieved by psychiatric drugs when priest from all religions failed in removing it. Similarly, he came across a WP page where a witch saved a terminal patient on whom doctors had given up all hopes of revival. So, he wants to study dynamics of such spirit-brain connections. Also, he wants to connect brain and computer to convert barrage of audio and visual data from digital representation to neural representation, so that volumes can be transferred to brain thereby relieving off time and effort needed for manually performing those tasks. He will also be starting WP page on spirit science and occult. He already has YouTube channel on General Topics on Spiritual Knowledge that is undergoing extensive renovations.

Earlier when he was suffering from cognitive dysfunction, he wanted to scientifically solve the problem, as he thought cognitive dysfunctions were part of bipolar illness instead of ADHD, the possibility of which had been turned down by many psychiatrists. So, as those cognitive symptoms were part of Bipolar disorder, that were often residual even after its treatment, he thought cognitive issues as distinct aspect of illness whose etiology and specific drugs have to be explored. To this end he wanted to work in lead labs of world to acquire those experimental chemicals and  investigate its potential promise and danger of drugs drawing knowledge from neurobiology, neuropsychopharmacology, psychiatric genetics, pharmacogenomics, etc in treating those residual symptoms. But, instead he wished to have access to National Medical Library through his friend, a research officer there and go through all advanced neuroscience books and solve the problem. But, things went as wished. Now, he has more collection of books, papers in neuroscience, psychiatry, neurology, psychology concerning his conditions than any other library. Consequently, he scientifically diagnosed his residual cognitive symptoms as ADD. Thereafter, he presented 3 scientific summaries to his psychiatrist, theoretically compelling him to accept. Thus he cut short time and effort needed to exploring it in labs. He will be publishing those summaries in another blog for psychobiology.


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