His ideas of superpower

His mission was to become superpower and make his state superpower. At that time Russia had fallen apart and America was lone superpower(2002) He also noted when he overcome disability no one on earth can stop him from becoming superpower. Now he has again become superpower. Superpower means having very powerful military, strong economy and top leader in technology. On individual level this translates into power of health, wealth and intellect(knowledge). His ultimate goal is to be independent in all respects. He has several agendas and routes to achieve this. In childhood he once said he will have several sources of income. Now after clearing major stumbling block of MH issues he is free to turn his idealism into realism and have diverse careers. He will also be founder of several organizations and institutions as forecasted in astrology reading. He will be living in foreign lands inhabited by Christians and Muslims. He will use all possible combinations to achieve his goals. He considers Christians and Buddhists to be intellectually advanced. Also, Christians had interest in India its culture, religion. They also ruled India. Also, Christians are now superpowers and China too has become superpower as it was centuries ago. He developed obsession about Christianity especially he has high opinions about Protestantism by reading their statutes. He considers them superior Christians and Catholics and Orthodoxies as inferior. He remembers Germany to hold more Nobels before WW 1 than USA, UK and Russia together and whatever is Russia and America today are due to Germany. He also visited Germany. He felt it his home.He also prefers Germany being located centrally in world and is not aligned to USA or Russia.

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