Intro of Phoenix Russ-
Ageless, timeless, aim to be highly refined spotless atheist; spiritual studies is 1 of his careers.

His name has meaning of Krishna and Krishna has very close resemblance with Christ.

During his adolescence the USSR left a great impression with history of tradition in sciences created by their exemplary mathematicians and scientists. Also, communist ideals too impressed him to some extent.

Now, his attention shifted from scientific richness of Russia to historical, cultural, political richness of pre-USSR tsarist Russia esp during period of Peter I, Elisabeth I, Catherine II, when Russia rose to great power.

History of Russia has great resemblance to his personal life –
1) Russia has witnessed great glories and great downfalls.
2) Former superpower that crumbled down is yearning for the same status.
3) Small setbacks wont stop him from attaining status of superpower.
4) Communistic and religio-political philosophies of Russia – Marxism and idea of Third Rome of Ivan III serves his atheistic ideals.
5) Culturally European Enlightenment lies close to his heart. Russian Enlightenment started from Peter I, Elisabeth I, Catherine II.

Cultural views- He is schooled as cosmopolitan but is oriental by heart. He considers Thais, Japanese, etc as Indians. But they consider them to be foreigners. He likes western logic, systematicness and eastern qualities like warmth. He wished he were a Buddhist in childhood. Later on, he was infatuated by western humanism, rationalism, science, may be elements aesthetics. European Enlightenment still lies close to his heart. He likes western lands, ideas and eastern people. In his opinion USSR was mad nation that viewed cosmopolitanism with suspicion though it bears no contradiction with atheism.

Religious- New Age Atheism is not taking into account of organized religion is that not having faith in any social and political structure available till now. This is in spirit of European Enlightenment. His atheism is close to this. He summarily states Buddha, Christ as atheists when they rejected the then established traditions.

His political view – military govt, dictatorship, that he dreamt of during his college days. This was due to deep dis-entrenchment, passionate hatred towards democracy. Enlightened despotism is very close, better version of such absolute govt.

Social view – Societal Anarchism.

Interests – Comparative religion, spiritual knowledge, sciences – neuroscience – mathematics, computer science, psychology, neurobiology, interest him.

Inspirations – He likes polymath monarchs like Peter I of Russia and Ulugh Beg of Central Asia also(Peter was successful as monarch but Ulugh Beg not that much), polymath scientists like Newton, Lomonosov.